Samuha successfully completed 414 days of exhibitions, workshops and presentations. This project is now officially ended. Thanks to everyone who contributed, participated and collaborated to realise this dream.

Samuha is a collective of art practitioners based in Bangalore, India. The project involves artists of various disciplines including painting, sculpture, new media arts and performance arts. Together we will facilitate an art space that encourages contemporary artists to showcase their work and interact with the citys' residents. Artists of our collective would use this space to exhibit their own work as well as collaborate and curate works of art practitioners and peers.

The project launched on June 22nd, 2009 and will run for 414 days. This means that our 23 members each own 17 days at the space to use as they will. Additionally, we plan to invite guest artists and speakers to make presentations, workshops and conduct talks on art practices. Contact us if you are interested to collaborate or present your work at our space.

Suresh Kumar G, initiated this project along with Archana Prasad and Shivaprasad S. They dialogued with artists, art critics, art schools, gallery owners and curators in Bangalore for over seven months in planning for this project. The art community at large has now come together to answer the need of the hour for artist-driven initiatives that provide a neutral common ground for sharing and learning from peers and seniors. This direct engagement between the art practitioners that our collective represents and the city is a first step in creating and propagating a vibrant and art-conscious culture in Bangalore.

We welcome with open doors, everyone who is curious, interested and open to direct interactions with artists and their practice.

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