Prakash L.
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BETWEEN ARTISTS | An Informal Dialogue with Archana Prasad
2:15-4.30pm | 31st JULY 2009 | SAMUHA

Archana Prasad: What are your concerns when you deal with the works exhibited here?
Prakash L.: There is no specific idea. It is time and circumstance driven. There are three sets of works. One is about looking at light in different ways, the second talks about seeing self in every layer of my surrounding. The third is looking at passion. It is intimate and about my interactions with people, with my neighbourhood…This body works in three layers. They depict a surfacial section of my over-all work, not the details.

A: Why do you explore 'technological' aspects in your imagery
P: I feel this is required to express my thoughts and feelings. For example, children bring me a lot of happiness. Google allows me to access information and pictures of children. Thus is White Cloud, I use the Google search page in my painting.

A: How does your interest to use form data hand-written by people tie up with work like White Cloud?
P: Each work has an intention behind its execution. For example, Black text - it has three layers, it exists as is, it is a memorobilia and it doesn't exist in its original state anymore. I have a passion for people. This is a way by which I can work with them at different levels of interaction. With Black Text, I re-look at my childhood through pages of a Slam Book. I hold that document dear to me. It gives me an insight into my own childhood, and to those of the people I grew up with in school. Intrinsically, I am making these connections with the past and the present…through these documents. Eventually the two work - Black text and White Cloud being to connect on these aspects of youth, memory, memorabilia and me.

A: You seem to move between paintings and installations…why?
P: Sometimes paintings simply can't express the complexities of my thoughts. Not to say that painting is limited, but it certainly has its own limitations. I use the installation medium to describe layers that paintings can't reach.

A: Why did you use carved blocks of stone as titles?
P: Actually, these are extensions of my works. They are not merely titles. Stone speaks of permanency…and this is an area that I am exploring - memory, permanancy and existance.

A: What is the meaning of the title of your exhibition – “DON'T STRIDE”
P: It is about the idea that if your belief is not yet fulfilled, one needn’t stride towards it. Exist in the moment. Things will eventually fall into place.

A: Why did you join the Samuha project?
P: I needed the space to exhibit this body of work. I unfortunately didn't get replies to other galleries after I sent them my portfolio. When I was approached for Samuha, I realised that this would be an ideal way to reach my work to the public and the artist community.

A: What challenges do you think you have faced working in this space?

Background of the artists in conversation:

Prakash L.. is a recent graduate of painting from Chitrakala Parishath. He has a Masters in Printmaking from MSU. He teaches in several schools and colleges – like Kendriya Vidyalay, Presidency School, Parikrama Foundatin and Bangalore University Art Department. In this exhibition titled "Don't Stride" at Samuha, Prakash speaks of the duality of permanence and impermanence through paintings and installations.

Archana Prasad, is a visual artist with a background in Painting and Art History from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat (CKP), Bangalore. She hold a Diploma in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design (NID). She currently explores animation and performance video through her public art projects in Bangalore. Email: archanaprasadart[at]

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