Proposals to Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath


The President
Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath


12th November 2008

Dear Sir,

Sub: Proposal for using CKP premises (exhibition space) for Art Activities of Artist Collective from Bangalore.

We are a collective of 20 practicing artists and would like to propose our community art project that we plan to execute in Bangalore.

This project will involve artists of various disciplines including painti3g, sculpture, new media arts and performance arts. We intend to hire a gallery space for the duration of a year. Artists of our collective would use this space to exhibit their own work as well as curate work of art students and junior artists. We also intend to host a flagship exhibition of the artist collective at the end of this project. Thus there will be 21 exhibitions in the time span of a year.

Suresh Kumar G, who initiated this project, has been in dialog with artists, art critics and curators in Bangalore over the last month. The art community at large has expressed the necessity of artist driven initiatives of this nature. Being the premier Art Institution in this city, as well as the Alma Mater for the majority of the artists in this collective, we hope that Chitrakala Parishath will lend its support to us.

The CKP premises will be ideal for this project. Not only is it centrally located and a reputed institution for the arts, but also has a vibrant connection with the city’s’ residents. More importantly, the engagement between the art practitioners that our collective represents and the art students of CKP will be advantageous to both communities. If given a space on your premises, we would use it not just for exhibitions, but also for talks and lectures by eminent guest artists and writers.

Being a unfunded, small collective and one comprising of both senior and junior artists we have a limited budget. We would be delighted if CKP would encourage and support this endeavor by hosting us, either for a modest monthly rental fee or as guests. At the outset we would like to assure the committee that if granted the space, no damage or misuse of the premises will occur.

In closing, we hope that you and your esteemed institution will partner with us in creating a thriving and vibrant art community in Bangalore.
Thanking you, 

Suresh Kumar G & Archana Prasad

[On Behalf of the Art Collective]

Intended Use of the Gallery Space

The members in the collective are visual artists engaged with various art practices from painting, sculpture, installation and performance art to new media art (video, photo, film, sound and digital arts). The members would use the space in innovative and unrestricted ways to best display their work. In some instances this might lead to minor damage to the walls. However, any damage that occurs to the gallery (drill marks, paint stains, nail marks, etc) will be repaired by the collective after each show.
The gallery will be equally shared by the 20 artists who are members of this collective. Each member will have the use of the gallery for 17 days in which to curate or display work of their choice. This period includes the time for putting up and bringing down their exhibits.
In essence this means that every 17th day the gallery will have a formal exhibition opening. The art community as well as CKP students and faculty will be invited to these events. The collective also has a very comprehensive mailing list, and we expect, at the very least, 60 to 100 people attending each of these events. We hope to keep the gallery open till 8 pm to allow working people to access the shows.
We are more than happy to discuss the details of the use of the premises in terms working hours and management issues so that both with the CKP committee so that both your organization and ours are comfortable with the outcome.

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