Research & Design

We hope that several design and research problems will arise and seek solutions through the activities of Samuha. The first problem that cropped up was through a hunt for the ideal space to house the activities of Samuha. Having approached several art and culture organisations some of us at Samuha began to realise that this was a non-trivial issue. These organisations were unable to hire out space to us for various reasons. Read about this process at the Space-Research section of our site.

With a small budget of Rs. 15,000 per month, Samuha had some one basic problem - the rental rates. The space needed to be located in the center of town so that it would be accessible for all our members as well as the public who wished to engage with art. However, spaces in the center are expensive, way over our meager budget. We began to think that perhaps we would have to compromise on the location, until we started to think about alternative, non-commercial places. An interesting project attempting to address the problem we faced with space is - Jaaga - The Creative Common Ground, Temporary Structures as Creative Common Spaces. Click here to read more >>

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