Space & Facilities

We spent more than six months looking for the perfect venue. Our criterion were that it be located in the center of the city so all members and guests would have easy access to it. That it be reasonably large and ideally seek to be housed in an existing cultural institution. We are happy to say that Samuha has found a home at ADA Rangamandira on J C Road in Bangalore. Click here to read our process in finding the perfect venue >>

Samuha at ADA Rangamandira Samuha, No. 109, ADA Rangamandira, 2nd Floor, J.C. Road, Bangalore - 560002
ADA Rangimandira has come forward to support the Samuha vision. Being a highly recognized and respected institution in the arts and culture space, it will indeed be a pleasure and honor to work with them in realizing our goals. Located on J.C. Road in the heart of the Bangalore, the venue is a prime location enabling artists and visitors to engage with other cultural bodies like Ravindra Kalakshetra and Kala Bhavana across the road. ADA - Amateur Dramatics Association itself is one the hubs for theater and performance arts. Boasting of a large auditorium on the ground floor it provides the perfect melting pot for visual and performing arts practitioners and enthusiasts to mingle and share their work. Samuha is on the second floor of this building and has a 1260 sq ft space in which to play. Being housed at such a venue with this large tract of space would have been impossible without the support of the ADA committee.

Each participating member will own a 17 day slot at the Samuha space. During this period the member is expected to put up and take down their work. Additionally, we have the following facilities made available for our members perusal:

1. Projector (Epson, 2000 Lumens)
2. TV (Colour)
3. DVD Player (Phillips)
4. Desktop Computer + 17" LCD Monitor
5. 200 postcard invites
6. 20 A3 posters
7. Mailing List
8. Press List
9. Gallery Assistant (From 10am to 8pm everyday, except on Sundays)
10. Unlimited internet access via Wi-Fi (256 Kbps)

The Samuha space is well equipped with pro lighting, railing racks and an over-head projector stand.

We hope, with the co-operation of our members, to host talks, presentations, screenings and performances in the evenings in a push to connect with broader communities.

The Space is rented by Samuha and owned by ADA. With support comes responsibility. This means that we have to abide with their in-house rules:

No non-vegetarian food on the premises
No smoking on the premises
No drinking Alcohol on the premises
The space is open only from 11am to 8pm. No member is allowed to stay on the premises beyond this time period

Each member is expected to confirm their membership by giving the Finance Officers - Suresh Kumar G and Archana Prasad, 12 post-dated cheques - one for each month starting from June 1st 2009. The 12 cheques should be submitted to the concerned officers before the 5th of June 2009. All cheques are to Account Payee (crossed) and adressed to Samuha. Samuha maintains all money transaction through a bank account at Sham Rao Vithal Co-Op Bank, Malleswaram. Read our detailed one year budgetary break up here>> and our monthly expenses here>>

NOTE: Members can request the Finance Officers to see the Bank pass book for Samuha during working hours of the Space.

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